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This ended up being a really weird bug. It's fixed for now though and I've added something to keep track of it. Raptor Panel 2.0 will not use this code at all though.

Doing a password reset will send another confirmation email and you won't have to reset password. The admin side doesn't have reset password capability and can only disable account from being used. I've made notes to allow setting a password in 2.0


It looks like your registration went through. If you didn't get a confirmation email just tell it to reset your password and you should receive another one.

Let me know if you have any issues.
I have removed Updating/Adding plugins from the website. There's not enough in JSONAPI yet to properly do this. Instead a link will be provided to the plugin that'll let you download manually.
I've been thinking of putting a warning on the plugin list page if there are multiple of the same plugins detected. Maybe worded like "Duplicate plugins detected. Please reboot server if you upgraded a plugin". This message would only show if one is disabled and the other is enabled. 

It would be nice if JSONAPI featured a full load/unload plugin method to call. This would definitely get rid of the duplicates. Other than that there is nothing I can do to prevent the ghost plugins from showing.

If you have any thoughts let me know.
Are these both green and running? It should disable the one it is updating and when it enables it should only restore one. There may need to be some fine tuning on some processes.

They both display since it probably doesn't unload from memory. Maybe JSONAPI will get an plugins.update method that does this :)

Sounds good!

Sounds good!

Sounds good!