Uploading a plugin, it is possible to get duplicates

bsquidwrd 7 years ago updated by khanjal 6 years ago 6
When uploading a plugin, you are able to upload the same plugin twice. I uploaded one plugin that was purposefully out of date, then tried to upload the newer version, and duplicates are now on the server and running

Edit: Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/nEJGjP6.png
Are these both green and running? It should disable the one it is updating and when it enables it should only restore one. There may need to be some fine tuning on some processes.

They both display since it probably doesn't unload from memory. Maybe JSONAPI will get an plugins.update method that does this :)
In game, it shows both as running. On the panel, it shows the old one as disabled.
I've been thinking of putting a warning on the plugin list page if there are multiple of the same plugins detected. Maybe worded like "Duplicate plugins detected. Please reboot server if you upgraded a plugin". This message would only show if one is disabled and the other is enabled. 

It would be nice if JSONAPI featured a full load/unload plugin method to call. This would definitely get rid of the duplicates. Other than that there is nothing I can do to prevent the ghost plugins from showing.

If you have any thoughts let me know.
Under review
I have removed Updating/Adding plugins from the website. There's not enough in JSONAPI yet to properly do this. Instead a link will be provided to the plugin that'll let you download manually.