Cant log in because it says process is terminated

OfficialNandez 5 years ago updated by khanjal 5 years ago 3

When I signed up and registered it gave me an error is there a possibility that it can be fixed sometime in the future.
Under review

It looks like your registration went through. If you didn't get a confirmation email just tell it to reset your password and you should receive another one.

Let me know if you have any issues.
Yes it still did not let me in and I went to the reset page and gave me the same error so could you just reset the password from the database and see if that will work


This ended up being a really weird bug. It's fixed for now though and I've added something to keep track of it. Raptor Panel 2.0 will not use this code at all though.

Doing a password reset will send another confirmation email and you won't have to reset password. The admin side doesn't have reset password capability and can only disable account from being used. I've made notes to allow setting a password in 2.0