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Can't create a server

Articwolf3009 2 years ago 0

when i try to make a server this comes up


Uploading a plugin, it is possible to get duplicates

bsquidwrd 7 years ago updated by khanjal 6 years ago 6
When uploading a plugin, you are able to upload the same plugin twice. I uploaded one plugin that was purposefully out of date, then tried to upload the newer version, and duplicates are now on the server and running

Edit: Screenshot:

Cant log in because it says process is terminated

OfficialNandez 5 years ago updated by khanjal 5 years ago 3

When I signed up and registered it gave me an error is there a possibility that it can be fixed sometime in the future.

Test Feedback

khanjal 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 0

This is just to test the feedback.

khanjal 7 years ago

Sounds good!